Is it already too late for Blu-ray?

HDDVD is here and the players are affordably priced. Every review I’ve read is pleased with the quality, in one case the reviewer said the HD-DVD quality was better than any other HDTV format he has yet to watch, including HDTV programming from broadcast tv, satellite, and cable!


Sony and Panasonic’s Bluray players aren’t expected until June. By then HDDVD will have a 2 and a half month head start. They’ll have more movies available. Their players are already significantly cheaper.

How does Bluray expect to compete? I know Bluray is supposed to be a better quality but is that enough to help them overcome HDDVD’s head start?

I see another Betamax VHS scenario on the horizon. Bluray may in fact be a better technology than Bluray but will it be able to convince enough people to buy into it?

The $500 price point is a huge barrier. By Toshiba releasing HD DVD PlayerToshiba releasing a HDDVD player for less than $500 they’re making the price affordable.

Typically new technology emerges and has high price points. It takes months or years for the price point to drop. Look at HDTV.

The first HDTVs were very expensive in comparison to the traditional tv. Only recently have prices come down to sub $1000 levels. With the price drop adoption of HDTV has increased exponentially. More and more people are able to afford to get into the High Definition television market.

If they have to go out and drop $1000 on a new DVD player, new cables, and resupply their entire DVD catalog just to get BluRay it isn’t going to happen!

I can buy a HDDVD player and 15 movies for the cost of just buying the BluRay player.

Which one do you think people are going to buy?

I know Bluray is a better format than HDDVD. I know Betamax was a better format than VHS, but VHS won the battle. I am putting my vote in writing right now. I think HDDVD is going to win the high definition DVD battle unless Sony and Panasonic can figure out how to release their first generation players for less than $500. Hell, take a loss on the players if they have too but a $1500-$1000 player is NOT going to compete with HDDVD.

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