The Future of   by Patrick Seaman

Long ago before I was a web marketer I was a salesmen and I really came into my own in that industry in the 90’s working for a Network Cabling company called Data Connection. (I am in no way responsible for their website, )  During this time I did sales and design specification for a company known as AudioNet which soon became the Internet IPO giant of the 90’s known as  Today I read a post by Mark Cuban about that Initial IPO and how today is the 8th Anniversary of it.  Mark has a pretty cool promo Video from all of those years ago posted and it really brought back a lot of memories.  The other thing it did was make me think about two things.

First – when I watched the video I could not help but think about how if this story were being told by a new company today how Venture Capital would flow in like crazy because it sounds almost as cutting edge today as it did in 1999 and how pathetic it is that Yahoo after buying them never understood what they had and let the whole thing flounder into the abyss of nothingness.

Second – It made me think of some old friends I had down on 2929 Elm Street.  A few names jumped to mind including my main contact by the name of Curtis Rogers along with Craig McCue who worked the account with me at Data Connection.  The name I thought of most while watching this video though was Patrick Seaman.  Patrick was a huge part of building and the least known I think of the real core.  He has a huge heart for helping others as well which is the biggest reason I remember him still to this day.

Spurred by the memory I decided to see what was up with Patrick Today, he is doing well and has a pretty cool blog up and running.  After watching Mark’s video on Broadcast I really found one of Patrick’s recent posts very interesting.  It is called

What’s in store for digital media and distribution for the next 10 years?

You may want to give it a read as it is an explanation as to why digital media really has not come as far as most people think in the past 8 years and why there are a lot of road blocks in the future for it.  As it is written by one of the web’s true pioneers of audio and video online I would also state it is probably spot on.  The summary being that the future of Digital Media is going to be more concept driven then content driven if the DCMA etc can get out of their own way.

Why The Music Industry is Stupid?

I think Patrick would probably enjoy my post called, The Music Industry is Stupid.   Anyway I agree with Patrick on a lot of what he has to say about Digital Media today and into the future and thought you might enjoy a unique perspective from someone who really has been there and done that.  Patrick also has a pretty cool presentation on Net Neutrality posted, shocking that he seems to agree with my position on that.  Anyway I think if your take a look at Mark’s video and then read Patrick’s blog post it will drive home just how much still remains to be done in the digital media world and how in their own way much of the industry is.

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