Results from the SEO Blackhat Traffic Tool

Way back in August of 2006 SEO Black Hat got a hold of the leaked AOL Search data, which was one of the biggest F-ups in internet history.  That was no story as anyone who wanted it could get it, and still can if you search for a mirror download site.  No the story was when they posted a story in their blog called, “Tool: What it’s Worth to Rank in Google, Yahoo and MSN”.  The tool was said to predict the expected clicks based on rank in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Other search engines.

Old School SEO


Now like most SEOs back in August I played with it a bit and even made a few decisions based on it, I put it in my and Diigo book marks but then got busy and forgot about it.  Tonight I was doing some work and something made me remember it and I decided to pick a site and audit it.  The results you are about to see, caused me to pause and post this article.  You are going to have to take my word, these results were not cooked in any way.

In April I launched a small site about inexpensive wine, the site was just a way for me to create some tax deductions as I fed my wine hobby.   The site has been more of a success then I planned on getting about 2000 unique visits a month and 9700 page views.  No not major Alexa action but not bad for a site that was just meant to let me deduct wine as a tax expense.

A pleasant surprise was I managed some rankings for the term inexpensive wine with out really trying.  I picked this site because the traffic is relatively small for the term so I don’t mind revealing my metrics behind it.  Again what you are about to see are 100% honest results.  My rankings in January are now up in Google and down in Yahoo but the figures I will give you are 100% accurate in December of 2006.

First the way the tool works is you go to the Overture Term Suggestion Tool and get a search count, my number was 349, below is a screen shot of my results.

Next you just plug your number into the SEO Black Hat Tool and it will estimate your traffic from the major engines and “others”.  Here were my results.

New SEO Strategy

OK so get this in Dec. 2006 I had an average rank for inexpensive wine in Google of about 4 and in Yahoo of about 7.  Here is a screen shot from Google Analytics from the same time period.  Look at the referrals for the term from Google and Yahoo!

All right, let me tell you I almost did not post this because of how perfect it came out and I am 100% sure this won’t often be repeated.  I am however, very impressed with the results.  In fact I audited two other terms that are a bit more competitive and found the predictions for both to be more then 95% accurate.

I am actually more impressed with the exact matches for this low traffic term.  As anyone knows who has been forced into the dark art of forecasting before, forecasting small numbers is harder then large ones because your margin of error is magnified.

So have you tried this tool?  More to the point have you audited it and if so what were your results?