Beam your Cable, Satellite and   to ANYWHERE in the world

Have you ever been at work and wanted to watch something on tv? Or maybe you travel a lot on business and get sick of the crap they have in hotel rooms. Maybe you just want to watch your favorite sports team from work?

For me its sports. I’m a Red Sox fan. I live right by Fenway park. I love the Sox. I hate when they have a day game and I’m at work and I can’t watch it. I’m afraid I’m going to hear the score and its going to ruin the game for me.

BUT, what if I could watch it on ANY internet capable Windows PC? Or on my Windows CE based PDA or Phone?

The SlingBox from SlingMedia is here!!!

Its simple. You plug the Slinbox into your home television’s video port or the port on your tivo, dvr, etc. The thing works with over 5,000 different cable/satellite boxes! You then plug the Slingbox into your home computer network.

Installation from all the reviews I have seen is really that simple. You just setup the box, plug it in, and your done.

You can now watch your home television from any internet enabled Windows PC or Windows based PDA. Soon they are releasing versions for PoketPC, Smartphones, and Macintosh.

The SlingBox even works with your Tivo and has a Tivo interface that looks and functions like your Tivo remote control! Forgot to set your Tivo to program your favorite show? Use the SlingBox to setup the Tivo recording.

The SlingBox

Traveling on business overseas where the tv sucks? Use your laptop to connect to the internet and watch your favorite sports team, watch Sopranos, watch whatever you want!

The drawback? You can only connect one computer to your SlingBox at a time. AND if you are on a slow internet connection like DSL the video quality won’t be that good. The maximum video resolution is 640×480 but thats A LOT better than most of the online video streaming. I can get a much better picture watching the Red Sox on a SlingBox than I can get by paying a monthly fee for!

So how much does the Slingbox cost? The going rate is only $269.99 and right now, you can use this link to buy Slingbox from for only $199.99!

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